Technical information about Zelda Parallel Worlds

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    First. I uses snesedit and couldn´t find any pointer in the game. The full text is uncompressed

    I use Version 1.1 of ZPW,because the Version 2.0 from Seph and Euclid will never be release or like Duke Nukem - When it done ;)
    All Offsets are from a rom without header

    Textbank(s) - Dictionary, Table and Tile Set of Font for Ingame.


    The bank 0 start at offset: 00075F40h and end at offset 0007721B. (With dictonary it is possible to use the current space in the bank)
    The bank 1 start at offset: 000E0000h and end at offset 000E7FFF. (With dictonary it is possible to use the current space in the bank)


    The Game use a Dictonary with 94 possible entries. If you check the most used words /combination of your language you can use a effectiv good dict. and can compress the text in a good way.

    You can find it at 000747F0h. I change it to the most uses words/combination in the german language and dont change anything (use also the space chars)

    Table: Sorry but i foudn not all commands which are used in the table. All hexvalues with name "unbX" are unknown commands and will used in decisionsituations like shops or open a treasure. I post the full table in the attachments.

    Tile Set:

    The Font is uncompressed and could be found at offset 00070F00h (2Bit - 8x8)

    2. De- and Recompress Graficdata from the Game

    There is a tool which is calles zcompress. You can use it to decompress the compressed grafics from Zelda - Legend of Zelda.

    I found out a way to use it for Zelda PW. I explain it in the follow.

    In this Case the Zelda PW rom must have a 200h header, because for the tool need it to decomress the data:

    Open Zelda US Rom and Zelda PW in a hex editor and go to offset 000081C0 - there is the header of both games. See Image

    Copy the full line x81C0 and x81D0 and paste it at the same possition in the Zelda PW ROM and save it. See Image.

    Open zcompress and use the decompress command to extract the full grafic set.

    You can open the file with your preferred grafic tool (e.g. Tile Molester) and set 2 - 3 or 4 bit and change any grafics like chars or someone.
    If you want to recompress to the rom use offset x0. If your are finish, don´t forget to rename the Header with the hex editor.

    Location Names

    In the right Corner of the Game. Euclid and Seph include a location feature where you can see the current position of your hero.

    This start at: 00102800. See the Image and you see how it works.
    The table for the location names are this one: LocatioN Table

    2F20 = - / 8B20 = A and so on. You have to check the lengh of the words because it is limited. Use the decompressed date to change the letters for your language.
    I dont try to add further chars. You can try to use the postions with X at bank 21.



  • Thank you for the explanations :)

    On the other hand I did not see or you have put letters stressed in the graphic edition


    Has what place I modify this in Tile Molester

    OK I understood :)