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    Hi and thank you for your response!

    It seemed to work for a couple of seconds, but then it turned black and i smelled the burnt chip.
    I will try that to connect VSS to GND pin later and see if that works, and also close R2

    I use a 29F033C with a DIP36-TSOP40 Adapter (III).
    When i put
    the game into the SNES, it worked for a couple of seconds and showed the Squaresoft logo, then it failed.
    It gave a burnt smell, and when i look at the 29F033C chip, i can see that pins 29 VSS, 30 VSS, 31 VCC are burnt.

    I have bridged R1 and R3 on the adapter board.

    Does anyone have a clue what i am doing wrong?


    Pins 21-40