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    Oh, I wanted to say: there will be a 1.2 patch from me in a few weeks, which will fix a tiny glitch on the dragon feeding screen with the fxpak, and revise a couple lines of the script.We found two new real hardware bugs, and the original game was affected as well. The next patch will have less sprite flickering than in the original Japanese game in battles.

    I'll get RedScorpion the updated source and script files once Tom has had a chance to review the changes.

    Bredator: ah, that's a relief, thank you very much! ^^

    I was talking with RedScorpion about the German localization via Twitter DM, and wanted to check in to see how things were progressing. It's looking great so far!

    I was rather surprised as well reading the responses, but ... I have only myself to blame, so I thought I'd register and post. Sorry if it was creepy ^^;

    I've beat myself up a lot about my past, and I still have a bad day every now and again, but all I can do is try to keep improving.

    x5t: I hope I wasn't too combative. I'm open to admitting and apologizing for things I've done wrong, of course, but...

    Bit of backstory: my Dragon Quest V translation came about because I asked to help Dejap with their translation and was told I wasn't allowed to work on it.

    I thought it was ridiculous that someone should "own" a project while not working on it, and so me and spSpiff translated the game ourselves.

    That feeling didn't change with Tengai Makyou Zero. I had no authority to tell anyone they couldn't work on it; it would have been very hypocritical of me to claim that.

    LostTemplar probably did stop working on it because I mentioned I was intending to work on it still, which I regret, but I did offer him to keep going if he wanted.

    I wish I had worked on it more, but in any case, DDS did an incredible job on the programming. Their patch is even higher quality than my Bahamut Lagoon work.

    We're all still friends, Tom, DDS, DougRPG, and I. We still work together after TMZ.

    (Apologies for using English.)


    Bekommen habe ich etwas, das ich nicht erwartet habe. Da war zunächst mal eine Auflistung von Grammatikfehlern in meiner Mail. Dann der Hinweis, dass er nicht mein "fucking 1st level support" ist und ich das scheiß Handbuch lesen soll. Dass ich die Finger von PCs lassen soll, wenn ich nicht weiß was ich mache und zu guter letzt noch den Hinweis, dass ichs doch selber machen soll, wenn ichs besser kann.

    While I cannot find this e-mail in my Hotmail archive, I certainly was very brash and tactless 15 years ago.
    I've really done my best to turn this around for at least the past several years now.

    It's clear I really upset you with that e-mail, so I hope you'll accept my sincerest apologies.

    Though I'll probably always be judged by my past, I'm not the person I was back then.


    Ich möchte mich für dies E-Mail entschuldigen.

    Ich habe seitdem versucht mich zu bessern.


    Dass der Typ Leute wegen eines angeblich schlechten Englisch beschimpft, scheint Standard zu sein.

    I did do that a handful of times about ten years ago, yes. I was assuming everyone was a native speaker like me, and were just being lazy.

    I'm sorry that I did that, there was a lack of empathy on my part for non-native speakers.


    Es tut mir leid wie ich damals mit Nichtmuttersprachlern umgegangen bin.


    Das Game hat er knapp 10 Jahre für sich beansprucht und andere Leute davon abgehalten, das Projekt anzugehen.

    This is not true. I stated that I wanted to work on the game for about seven years, and that others could work on it, but it would possibly end up duplicated effort.

    I never asked LostTemplar to explicitly stop his own work on the game, nor asked anyone else to stop outright.

    When DDS took interest in the game, I didn't ask him to stop at all

    I prioritized my emulator development because I thought that was what the most people wanted from me.

    I put off both Tengai Makyou Zero and Bahamut Lagoon to work on those emulators instead.

    I shouldn't have offered to hack the game in light of this, but in the end I did help in creating the script editing tools, kanji tables, and I emulated the SPC7110 and got this code implemented in all the other SNES emulators (SNESGT, Snes9X, etc) so that the final patch could be fully playable without the need for graphics packs or other issues.


    Ich habe niemandem verboten an dem Spiel zu arbeiten.

    Ich habe mich dann auf Emulatoren konzentriert, weil ich dachte die Mehrheit wolle das von mir.

    Letztendlich habe ich ein paar Sachen beigetragen.


    Ich hab auch total Lust ihn mal nach Dragon Quest 5 zu fragen, ob er da was mit uns teilt, was wir nutzen können.

    I released the source code to it back in 2001, but unfortunately other sites didn't mirror it, and it's long since been lost.

    I can tell you it's standard Chunsoft fare: Huffman-compressed dialogue text, and a variable width+height-packed dialogue font.

    There are exactly 3,200 blocks of dialogue text in the entire game, so it's not a terribly large script.

    If you decide to pick it up and get stuck, feel free to ask me about it. I just wrote a Chunsoft-game huffman decoder for another person recently.


    Der Code ist leider verloren gegangen.

    Aber das Spiel ist nicht riesig.

    Wenn du Hilfe brauchst kannst du dich an mich wenden.

    Ich habe vor kurzem erst für jemanden einen Huffman Decoder für ein Chunsoft Spiel geschrieben.


    Wie gesagt, ich bin selbst ein Asperger-Autist und verstehe das durchaus, dass soziale Skills da nicht gerade zu den Stärken gehören.

    As obvious as it may have been to others, I only found out I had this in 2017. We are products of our upbringing, and we mirror the inputs we receive.

    I think things could have turned out really differently had I been diagnosed as a child, and been given appropriate understanding.

    Nonetheless, I apologize to you all for how I acted in the past. I hope you'll consider giving me a second chance, but I understand if you won't, and I won't bother you all any further.

    Best wishes with your localization! I hope you'll all enjoy the finished patch!


    Wahrscheinlich wäre vieles besser gelaufen wenn ich früher diagnostiziert worden wäre.

    Dennoch hoffe ich ihr nehmt meine Entschuldigung an.

    Viel Glück mit eurem Projekt!