Patch to re-map "Dash" button in Mega Man & Bass???

  • It's been a long time since I have been on this forum. I was mostly active in the topic about the Title Screen Patch for Secret of Mana 2.

    Anyways, I am curious if someone out there can help me. (Probably Jezze??? ^.^)

    These are codes for Mega Man & Bass (the japan only version, which was then patched to English)

    C138DA C0 30

    C138F6 C0 30

    C138F8 C0 30

    C13902 40 20

    C13A9A 10 80

    The purpose of these codes is to remap the buttons so that they are the following for Bass.

    DISABLE D-PAD "DOUBLE TAP" DASH... (to avoid accidental dashing from D-Pad presses)

    DEFINE "R BUTTON" AS THE DEDICATED "DASH BUTTON" (one press = one dash)



    Can someone here please create an IPS patch that can be applied to the Mega Man and Bass rom
    for Snes which will make these changes to the button layout PERMANENT???

    Also, another request:

    The game "Castelvania: Harmony of Dissonance" for GBA has an L Dash button and an R Dash button.

    Pressing L while facing Right causes the player to move backwards (backpedal),
    Pressing R while facing Left causes the player to move backwards (backpedal),
    can someone here create an IPS patch which will define R as the "universal" dash?
    (Press -R- to dash in whichever direction you are facing at the time).
    ^ Similar to setting in Zelda: The Minish Cap and Mega Man X...

    jrock . fanatic @ gmail . c0m

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    Some Thoughts about.
    Gamegenie Codes are changing values inside the RAM permanent.
    A Button change a value too. The game reading this value on his exact adress.
    Maybe with a debugger it is possible but difficult to change the standard ROM value or the location stored inside the ROM.
    I don't know.