Clock Tower

  • Ich habs mal auf dem Everdrive probiert, der Hack funktioniert und die Steuerung mit der Maus tut dem Spiel auch richtig gut! Hatte nie verstanden warum es hier keine Maussteuerung vom Haus aus gab!

    Der Hack selbst soll auch noch nicht ganz komplett sein, der Autor will noch die restlichen Neuerungen der PS1 Version auf das SNES übertragen, bin schon gespannt auf das Ergebnis!

  • Es gab bei der PS1 Version einen Zusätzlichen Raum, die Clownpuppe und den Zombie, Hot Spots waren anders Positioniert auch der Schlüssel lag wo anders. Grafiken waren besser Positioniert und es gab Nahaufnahmen von Gegenständen wenn man sie angesehen hat. In der Readme sind schon einige änderungen aufgeführt die er schon gemacht hat:

    Mouse support

    Lost bedroom, clown doll, zombie, extra cave event ported from the PlayStation version

    Can run up and down the stairs (can also run to all hotspots)

    Hold UP or DOWN to speed up the credits

    Faster health regeneration

    Region error screen disabled

    --- Mouse ---

    Left button: walk/ click things

    Right button: stop/ panic button

    Press SELECT to change mouse speed (on real hardware). Changes cursor speed for the gamepad instead if no mouse connected.

    Move the cursor down to access the inventory. Right clicking there will switch to the default cursor.


    --- Original bugs fixed / errors corrected ---

    [Main hall]

    The door on the upper floor will now actually open when you use it

    [East Bedroom]

    Mirror can now be shattered

    Photo close-up timed rather than input required. Done for mouse support, but PlayStation version has the same change.

    Faster fade-out so Jennifer isn't seen getting up after being killed by the parrot


    Bobby close-up image corrected

    Can no longer get inventory to clash with shower event


    Shed hotspot repositioned

    Shed still accessible when chased


    Hiding place soft-lock fixed

    Can no longer walk backwards out the door when Mary enters

    [Phone room]

    Can no longer use the light switch to overwrite Mary's palette

    [Fireplace study]

    Blood added on table after window scene, matching the table's description (PlayStation version moved the curtain blood there)

    [Music room]

    Bobby peeking won't disrupt resting pose

    [Trophy room]

    Head and jar will animate when their sounds are playing

    Cabinet hotspot repositioned

    Hotspot for box

    Garbage on screen when coming from mannequin room fixed

    Removed garbage tile from cabinet's opened sprite

    Door using the correct sprites

    [Mannequin room]

    Door using the correct sprites

    [Sealed room]

    The close-up text can be scrolled faster just like the credits


    You can move around and the player hotspot will follow you when it's time for that

    Fade when changing appearance

    Scream added to dog death

    Background doors now using left/ right animations rather than simple goals

    Dan's hand is no longer visible before you even get to his cradle

    Can no longer run too far left and get stuck in front of Dan's cradle

    Can no longer open the inventory by Dan's cradle to reset the border

    Cursor hidden during chase until player gets control again

    Camera will no longer show end of Dan's sprite

    Portrait flashing starts when the struggle's actually starting

    BG2 prepared before showing explosion to avoid visible garbage

    Removed long wait at door after chase before player gets control

    Kerosene can no longer respawning

    Ending F no brief explosion when credits start


    Removed garbage tile from large left door sprite when opening

    Hotspot leading to the first storage repositioned

    Hotspots for a similar door and nearby window repositioned

    Faster fade-out when Jennifer goes through leftmost door


    Tower exterior fence position corrected

    Friend will now be falling in front of the fence during the A ending

    "I will kill you!!" won't stay on screen too long


    Bobby will open doors before entering (often walked through them in original)

    Lantern inventory sprite is now colored as it looks in the room

    --- Future plans ---

    More events and details from the PlayStation version (including the new close-up images)

    More bugfixes/ corrections

    Bobby spawning in more rooms

    Implement the hiding places and weapons that have sprites and animations for that