Secret of Mana 2 (Neuübersetzung)

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    Cheaterspruch = Scherz

    Bezüglich Du/du: Ich persönlich habe es mir angewöhnt 'Du' zu schreiben, auch außerhalb von Briefen, da ich es schöner finde. Ist jedoch Ansichtssache, wie man es z. B. bei Artemis sieht. Wie hierbei die offizielle Regel lautet weiss ich nicht; da vertraue ich blind Artemis.

    In diesem Sinne meine Kernaussage:
    Mir ist es völlig egal ob groß oder klein,
    nur einheitlich, das sollte es schon sein!

    okay. aber mir ist es lieber wenn wir "du" auch richtig schreiben wie es nach neuer RS ist. Wenn Artemis recht hat, dann ändere ich nochmal alles auf "du" klein um.



  • Mein Duden sagt, es muss klein geschrieben werden.

    Ist aber ein Exemplar von 2006, daher kann es also sein, dass die Regelung sich möglicherweise etwas gelockert hat.

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    Also bishe rmusste ich dies nicht machen.

    Für som2 habe ich ja wie gesagt das Tool von Magno.

    Um in die ASM Materie reinzukommen brauch es viel Zeit und vor allem Motivation. Bin gerade selber dabei:D

    Für alle meine Übersetzungen hat bisher snesedit und grafiktools gereicht. Nur selten gibt es so eine Komprimierung wie bei

    Dokumente findest du auch unter, aber weisst du ja sicher ;D



  • Hello, I posted another thread in another forum and RedScorpion responded to it...

    You said that you were working on a new german patch of Seiken Densetsu 3 (otherwise called Secret of Mana 2).

    The discussion concerned the possibility of a new title screen for the game.

    "hi KB, if you want, i can try to insert the new grafic in the current german version and text the result. - Red"

    I do not know if the sentence meant you were working on an improved and clearer title screen based on Niel's font, or if you meant you'd be willing to try my image concept. Either way, a clearer title screen for SoM2 would make me very happy, the current screen I use was made by DragonsBrethren in 2005 (he ripped a title from an older german rom and made it into a patch that changed only the title screen which could then be applied over translation patches, such as the English translation). It is decent, but when compared to D4S's version, you can tell it has jagged spots and the letters are not very clear. (it needs more dark space in letters)

    You can also see that in D4S's version, he made the title text wider and added more dark space (compare the "C" and also the "M").

    I also have these concept images I made in Photoshop, and thought you might be able to use them to make a new logo.

    With a thin outline.

    With a thick outline.

    What it would look like if this title were to be implanted...

    Thin Outline.

    Thick Outline.

    The font used in this is called "AVATAR." For me, it bears a slight resemblance to SoM1's font, sort of.

  • Is Magno still around??? And thank you so very much for trying. ^^
    Even if you cannot convert my concept imagery into a logo for the game,
    I would be just as happy if someone could create an enhanced (clearer)
    version of Niel's original font with the title "Secret of Mana 2" which
    could be turned into an ips patch to replace the current logo.

    As you could see above, D4S had made such an enhanced version using Neil's font
    for use in a cart hack he made, but I emailed him and he says he cannot find his file.

    "Hi there!

    Yeah, I modified that titlescreen once, but that was more than seven
    years ago, I don't remember the details.
    I do remember that there were two palettes, one for the text, one for
    the "2" and a bunch of miscellaneous sprites/copyright note.
    The graphics are compressed, the palettes aren't.
    I probably just hacked the graphics loader to fetch my new logo
    uncompressed from somewhere else in the ROM.

    This basically involves reprogramming tiny pieces in the game, which
    usually requires a certain amount of knowledge and experience in the field.

    I don't think I still have that hacked ROM or any related sourcecode left.
    I believe your best bet would be contacting Magno as he probably is the
    person with the most recent experience in modifying that game and his
    tool would make the editing process a whole lot easier for you, too.


  • It's a start!!!! Atleast you were able to put it in, which is far more than I could ever accomplish! (or is this a Photoshop "example image" also?) Anyway, atleast you try... and thank you so much for that! If you need versions with effects taken off and the color made uniform so that they are easier to load into your editor, I would be happy to edit my PSDs and supply the GIFs.

  • I don't know if this helps... but I found out I can decrease the color information by saving the Gif in "Windows System" color.
    Unfortunately this also takes away the transparency.

    Here is the PSD of the file, if you have Photoshop and you would like to experiment.…eens/FLAT_normal_size.psd

    And also, here are the fonts:

    Avatar (for the main logo)…29/SD3_screens/Avatar.ttf

    Playtoy (for the number 2)…9/SD3_screens/Playtoy.ttf

    "Dwedit" at NesDev forum says to shrink the image with "Rotsprite." I finally
    got the site to load for the download, but what do I shrink it to??

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    hi kb,

    i have tried to insert and change the current title screen. The problem is, that the your image has a lot of colors and this means the screen is not displayed in the correct way. I will try to insert the correct image in the titlescreen and i think if this will work you can use the IPS for the english or other version.

    I will ask svambo for some advice for the implement of the picture and i think it will works.



  • I also don't know anything about proper scale, so I just take snapshots in Zsnes, then try to match my image's
    pixel width with the pixel width of the screen shots generated by Zsnes....(256x224p) that's how I get the small ones.
    (by trying to match the size of one pixel in the logo with the size of one pixel in the "®" - In the top image, one
    pixel from the logo can fit 4 times into one pixel in the "®")

  • Ich freu mich riesig, dass diese Perle noch einmal überarbeitet wird und Fehler behoben werden.

    @Kitsune Baka
    Your title screen looks good, unfortunately, it does not match the original Japanese style. I've tried to make a small version of SNESdev's design and here is the result so far. It's still to dark and the style isn't exactly the same.

    compared to



    I also don't know anything about proper scale.

    The sprite of "Secret of Mana" should to be 176x32 pixel large, the sprite of the "2" 40x40 pixel. Both sprites have 16 colors including transparency.

  • I understand the desire to get as close to what the original title looked like,
    so I won't be upset if you guys don't use my images with the Avatar font.

    This version is very nice.

    It is like what D4S made for his cartridge hack, and compared to the version Dragonsbrethren made in 2005:

    The letters are much clearer, the dark space is more defined so it would look better on a TV screen.

    I assume that since your goal is the replication of the Japanese text design, this will be the title
    that the team wants to implant into the rom. Will you be changing the title -and- the credits image?

    When you guys convert your image and transplant it into the game,
    may I please have an IPS file to do the same to my english version rom?